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Helix/HX 3.60 Firmware

This free firmware update for Helix® and HX® processors offers three new amplifiers including the Grammatico GSG100, seven new guitar cabs featuring 12" speakers in various combinations, two new bass cabs, and two new effects. (HX Effects adds only the new effects.)

Relay Firmware Updates

These updates are for Relay G10TII, and Relay G10 & G10S receivers (as well as Spider V amps). They improve charging for all units and in some cases offer additional benefits.

POD Go 1.40 Firmware

The free POD® Go 1.40 firmware update applies to both POD Go and POD Go Wireless amp and effects processors. Get a new amp, nine new effects including seven Line 6 originals, and 18 Legacy effects.

Line 6 Updater

Keep your Line 6 gear up-to-date with the latest updates.

Free Download

License Manager

Authorize and manage your purchased Line 6 Licenses.

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