HX Stomp

For guitarists and bassists who want professional-grade HX modeling technology in an ultra-compact pedal, the HX Stomp guitar processor offers more than 300 Helix® amps, cabs, and effects in a stompbox-sized design that fits easily in the pocket of a gig bag. Whether you prefer to play through a traditional amp-and-pedal setup, or go direct onstage or in the studio, HX Stomp is at once a “super stompbox,” the ideal backup or travel rig, an add-on tone expander when combined with other modelers, and even a multi-channel audio interface.

  • 300+ HX amps, cabs, and effects—run up to 6 simultaneously
  • Additional legacy effects from M13®, M9®, M5®, DL4, MM4, FM4, and DM4
  • Capacitive-sensing footswitches with color-coded LCD rings
  • 4-Cable Method and re-amping connectivity, stereo effects loop



Pour les guitaristes qui préfèrent des configurations traditionnelles avec ampli et pédalier, le HX Effects propose plus de 100 effets Helix ainsi que des dizaines de sons de légende issus des processeurs de la fameuse série M et des pédales Stompbox Modeler, le tout dans un processeur multi-effet compact compatible avec n’importe quel pédalier. Il permet d’utiliser jusqu’à neuf effets simultanément. Editez des sons en touchant du doigt les huit commutateurs tactiles. Profitez de sons ultra graves et d’une profondeur insondable grâce à une plage dynamique exceptionnelle avec bypass analogique et DSP.

  • Plus de 100 effets HX pour votre pédalier – jusqu’à 9 effets disponibles simultanément
  • Effets supplémentaires issus des processeurs M13®, M9®, M5®, DL4, MM4, FM4, and DM4
  • Commutateurs capacitifs tactiles avec anneaux LED et labels
  • Centre névralgique pour votre configuration ampli/pédalier


Line 6 Helix flagship multi-effects processors with HX guitar and bass amp and effects models, speaker cabinets and impulse responses


Professional guitarists use Helix® as the centerpiece for their live performances and studio recordings. If you want realistic analog and tube tone, and powerful sound processing capabilities, Helix is the flagship guitar processor from Line 6. It not only sounds and feels like the original amps modeled, it’s one of the most advanced master controllers for any sized guitar rig.

  • Dual DSP-powered HX modeling engine with 4 discrete stereo signal paths
  • Next generation HX Amps, Cabs, Effects and 3rd party IR import
  • 12 capacitive-sensing footswitches & hands-free Pedal Edit mode
  • Extensive I/O for seamless integration with your entire rig


Line 6 POD HD X mutli-effects processors with HD amp and effects models for guitar and bass


Serious guitarists have used POD® multi-effects processors for almost 20 years. Whether you perform live or record in the studio, POD HD500X and Pro X multi-effects provide precision control to tweak every aspect of your tone. Choose from a huge collection of HD amps and studio-quality effects, and get all the ins and outs you need to connect on stage or in the studio.

  • World-class collection of HD amps for unmatched depth and touch response
  • The most powerful combination of dynamic DSP and flexible routing options in its class, so you can define your own sound
  • Assignable, pro-grade, backlit footswitches that you can see from anywhere on stage
  • The command center for any guitar setup including the Line 6 Dream Rig—the only system that can be virtually any rig


Line 6 Firehawk FX multi-effects processor with HD and XT amp and effects models iOS and Android App editor


Gigging guitarists that play a wide range of styles and venues, benefit from the incredibly user friendly Firehawk® FX guitar processor. Select HD amps and effects from the largest collection of amps and effects in the Line 6 family. Use a modern workflow to easily edit your tone on a smartphone or tablet via the Firehawk Remote App, and have just the right connections to play any venue.

  • Choose from over 200 amps and effects including 50 HD models
  • Wirelessly control every aspect of your signal chain
  • Access 128 onboard presets plus thousands of tones in the cloud
  • Record to Mac, PC or iOS with the lowest possible latency


Line 6 AMPLIFi TT desktop mutli-effects processor with XT amp and effects models and iOS and Android app editor


Guitarists need to jam at home, and AMPLIFi® TT is a tabletop multi-effects unit that helps you dive into that creative space. Use AMPLIFi TT with headphones, or connect to your home stereo or guitar amp to play through legendary POD tones. Edit your sound easily on a smartphone or tablet by way of the AMPLIFi Remote App, or choose from thousands of downloadable tones on the cloud. You can also stream music via Bluetooth®, or record via USB through this versatile and compact amp and effects modeler.

  • Turn any Hi-Fi or powered speaker system into a guitar amp
  • Stream your music library over Bluetooth
  • Jam with the included AMPLIFi Remote app for iOS and Android™
  • Remote app matches guitar tones to songs in your music library
  • Record with your computer using over 200 amps and effects
  • Tap into the Line 6 tones used on hundreds of hit records


Line 6 AMPLIFi FX100 multi-effects processor with XT amp and effects models and iOS and Android app editor


For every guitarist that loves POD tones and needs essential connectivity and control, AMPLIFi FX100 multi-effects floor processor can plug straight into most amps and home stereos, or through a set of headphones. Edit your sound easily on a smartphone or tablet by way of the AMPLIFi Remote App, or choose from thousands of downloadable tones on the cloud. You can also stream music via Bluetooth®, or record via USB and still have the ability to control it with your feet.

  • Great-sounding tone with over 200 amps and effects
  • Jam along with your music library via Bluetooth streaming audio (compatible with Android™, iOS, and Mac or PC)
  • Share, rate and store tones in the cloud via AMPLIFi Remote for iOS and Android
  • Wireless control lets you dial in great tones with ease
  • Automatic tone matching—instantly jam with your music library


Line 6 Pocket POD multi-effects processors with XT amp and effects models


Pocket POD is a portable, battery powered multi-effects that’s packed with over 300 custom presets dialed in by professional, rock star guitar players. Use it in front of your amp—or plug in headphones and jam anywhere.

  • 300+ Presets
  • 32 Amp Models, 16 Cab Models and 16 Effects
  • Chromatic Tuner
  • CD/MP3 Jack
  • Portable Design, weighing just over 6 ounces; only 5 x 3.25 x 2.5 inches
  • USB Connectivity -- Edit presets on the computer with FREE software