Line 6 Is Coming To Town

Line 6 is involved with many great bands in venues all over the nation. Artists like Evanescence, Primus, Metallica, and Thursday may be coming to your neighborhood, with Line 6 gear in tow, to inject a healthy dose of Rock n' Roll where it's needed most: your hometown. See below for the current calendar of events, and check back soon because it will be updated as new events are added fortnightly (or something like that).

Band Line 6 Gear Tour Dates
The Cindy Alexander Band Guitarist Christian Nesmith is using Variax, Vetta HD, Vetta Cab, and PODXT. Tour Dates
Alkaline Trio HD147, Line 6 412 Cabs, FBV Shortboards, Bass PODXT Pro, DM4 Tour Dates
Apartment 26 Vetta II Combo, Vetta II Extension Cab, FBV Tour Dates
Armor For Sleep
HD147, FBV Shortboard Tour Dates
The Beautiful Mistake Stompboxes Tour Dates
Bleeding Through Vetta II HDs, Line 6 412 Cabs, Bass PODxt Pro, FBV Shortboards Tour Dates
Cold Echo Pro, Filter Pro, Mod Pro Tour Dates
Default Stompboxes Tour Dates
Echo 7 Duoverb HDs and Cabs Tour Dates
Evanescence HD147, Line 6 412 Cabs Tour Dates
Finger Eleven Vetta II Combo, Variax 500, FBV Tour Dates
Fleetwood Mac Guitarist Carlos Rios uses Vetta Combo and FBV Tour Dates
From Autumn to Ashes Stompboxes, PODs Tour Dates
Godsmack Bass POD, Studio Modelers, FB4 Tour Dates
Goldfinger HD147, PODXT Pro, FBV Shortboard Tour Dates
Hangface HD147, Line 6 412 Cab, Bass PODxt Pro Tour Dates
Hot Water Music PODxt Pro, Bass PODxt Pro, Stompboxes Tour Dates
Instruction Vetta II HD, Variax, Line 6 412 Cab, FBV Tour Dates
Toby Keith Guitarist Rich Eckhardt uses PODXT Pro Tour Dates
The Mars Volta Stompboxes Tour Dates
John Mayer Guitarist Michael Chaves uses Vetta Combo, Flextone III Plus, FBV, Studio Modelers Tour Dates
Anne McCue Variax, PODXT, FBV Shortboard Tour Dates
Michael McDonald Guitarist Bernie Chiaravalle uses Variax Tour Dates
Metallica Stompboxes Tour Dates
Midnite Overture HD147, Line 6 412 Cabs, PODxt Pro, Bass PODxt Pro Tour Dates
Midtown Variax, Bass POD, Stompboxes, Duoverb HD, HD147, Line 6 412 Cab Tour Dates
Mondo Generator Vetta, Line 6 412 Cab Tour Dates
Onelinedrawing Variax, Flextone III XL 212, PODxt, MM4, DL4 Tour Dates
Liz Phair DL4, MM4 Tour Dates
Puddle of Mudd PODxt Pros Tour Dates
Rascal Flatts Flextone III, FBV Shortboard Tour Dates
Slipknot PODxt Pro, Bass PODxt Pro, FBV Shortboards, Echo Pro, Filter Pro, Mod Pro Tour Dates
Social Burn Duoverb HD, Duoverb Cab, Vetta II Combo, FBV Tour Dates
Taking Back Sunday Variax, PODXT Pro, FBV Shortboard, Line 6 412 Cab Tour Dates
Thrice Flextone III XL 212s, FBV Shortboards, Stompboxes Tour Dates
Thursday Echo Pro, Stompboxes Tour Dates
Shania Twain Guitarist Brent Barcus uses Variax, Echo and Filter Pros, PODXT, DL4 Tour Dates
The Used AM4, DM4, DL4, MM4, POD Pro, FB4 Tour Dates
The Vandals Variax 500, PODxt Tour Dates