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Will this configuration of Talk Box / HD500 / PA monitors work??
by spencer122188 on 2011-12-29 23:21:44.3270

So the definite move I am making is to get rid of my crappy combo amp and upgrade to some nice monitors (krk gp6 g2) to get more out of my HD500. Doing this leaves me with a little cash left over that I would really love to put towards a talk box. There is a bundle on zzsounds that throws in 2 mics, a mic stand, headphones and some cables for free pretty much with the two speakers. I am not 100% on understanding exactly how talk boxs work (although I get the gist of it) so i am wandering if I could use the mic from the bundle in to the monitors to use a talk box. The setup would be without an amp (plugging my hd500 straight in to the monitors) but I think I can get away with this if I get the banshee 2 that has a built in preamp (although I would ideally like to get a heil talk box). I would be adding the talk box either before the hd500 in my chain or in the effects loop of the hd500 if I am not mistaken, and running the talk box tube up the mic stand, sending the signal through the mic and in to the monitors. All of this is just going to be in my bedroom and not for live shows or anything, but I am still not sure that everything will work out like I think it will in my head.

Anyone have any input on this that (obviously) knows what they're doing a little better? Thanks in advance for all of your help, and please let me know if I didn't give you a clear enough picture of what I am trying to do or what my concerns are.

Re: Will this configuration of Talk Box / HD500 / PA monitors work??
by darealagentp on 2012-01-04 10:16:11.9770

Neither the Banshee 2 or the Heil Talk Boxes will work without an actual guitar amp head and cabinet. Traditional talk boxes physically go in between your guitar amp speaker output jack (through the talkbox device) and then into the reactive speaker load/cabinet.

Without having one here to test with, I can't guarantee that it will work correctly in your desired scenario. But years ago I remember helping a friend with setting up their Heil Talkbox... the physical routing of signal went: guitar through a few effects pedals and into the front end of the amp. Then, the output of his Marshall head went into the Heil. A tube was connected to the Heil that was mounted on the mic stand. An output cable from the Heil fed the 412 Cabinet.

Check this out for more reference:

I think you might want to give Rocktron and/or Heil a quick call and run the scenario by one of their techs to get the word from them as to whether your setup will work. While our HD500 provides the ability to run your guitar signal through amp modelling (software), our device is not actually a tube amp head and speaker cabinet in terms of physical behavior, so this Banshee won't be interacting with our unit the way I believe that it's supposed to. But a rep from Rocktron can clarify the Banshee's operation behavior do's and don'ts much better than I can. Hope this helps!

RE: Will this configuration of Talk Box / HD500 / PA monitors work??
by Line6Don on 2012-01-10 16:40:43.1370

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Re: RE: Will this configuration of Talk Box / HD500 / PA monitors work??
by spencer122188 on 2012-01-13 22:28:24.5750

Sorry for not keeping up with this discussion as well as I should have. For the record, the banshee 2 does work with the configuration I described. It features its own preamp, so it can pretty much can be used as a normal stompbox. I have my fx send of my HD500 going in to the guitar in of the talkbox. I then mic the talkbox back in to the HD500, which is connected to my studio monitors. It works great because you don't have to sacrifice any of your tone of effects to run the talk box.

Re: Will this configuration of Talk Box / HD500 / PA monitors work??
by JTSC777 on 2012-10-30 09:01:36.6440

Practice with the Banshee using a small full range keyboard amp and a mic.That's what I do when I am home away from my PA gear.I find the  less I process it the better. A little reverb and delay on my vocal mic. live and it's great. People think I'm really doing something when I use it lol  The Rocktron folks should sell PA gear with those things!Good Luck!

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