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Support for AX2 ?! How do I transfer channels from one AX2 to another ?
by blackeagle1977 on 2011-09-22 02:09:10.3380


I have had my AX2 for years. It is the best amp I have ever played. I have played this amp to the point of exhaustion and thought I should replace it before I lost all my settings.

I recently got my hands on a "like new" AX2 and I would like to transfer some of the User Channels that I have been tweaking for the past 10 yrs or so, from my original amp to my "like new" AX2.

This might be a pretty basic procedure, but I would like to learn how to do it from the pro's. I don't want to transfer all the channels, just a few individual channels.

Also, is there any way to duplicate settings from the AX2 onto a more modern Line 6 amp such as the Vetta 2 or Pod XT Live ?

Re: Support for AX2 ?! How do I transfer channels from one AX2 to another ?
by Rowbi on 2011-09-22 03:01:46.7340

page 9.4 of the AX2 manual tells you how to dump all your presets to a PC,

I assume if you then send those to the new amp it will program them for you.  not sure how you do it per preset though.... also, each generation of new technology is not usually compatible with the last, so there's no way to transfer your tones to one of the new L6 amps... that said in my experience, the new products are very easy to dial in, so you may find you have fun trying it and finding even more sounds.



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