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variax 300 acoustic steel pickup
by newsflash66 on 2009-04-03 06:01:13.4460

I bought a used 300 and there's a noticable difference in the volume of the lower 4 strings compared to the 2 high ones (the two high ones are very sensitive, while the lower ones are kinda dead).  This is in respect to volume on the amplifier, if played without plugging it in, there's no noticable difference.  Even the 2 in the middle are less volume then the lowest 2 strings.  I've replaced the strings 2x now, and although with each try I noticed a different sensitivity in each string, they're still not the same and the low ones are not "loud" enough.

Is there a gain control per string?  Is this a common behavior or is there something wrong that needs repair?  Someone told me the piezo pickup may need to be replaced, however I can't find any store (including the line 6 online store) that carries them.  Any advice/help is appreciated - thanks :-)

Re: variax 300 acoustic steel pickup
by Phryrduk on 2009-04-03 08:39:58.4000

For the variax electrics you can adjust the volume of each string, that function may be available for the acoustic as well.  In addition, the was some sequence you could set at power up that would allow you to adjust the individual volumes from the guitar itself (I don't remeber what is was, check or for the electrics, again this may be available for the acoustic.

Sorry I just checked and the 300 acoustic will not work with the workbench

Here is a link from the institute of noise about the electric start up modes:,volume

Someone at line6 technical support may be able to tell you if there is a startup mode for your 300, give them a call.

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Re: variax 300 acoustic steel pickup
by newsflash66 on 2009-04-06 04:44:21.7480

Thanks for trying to help, unfortunately the electrics are not the same as the 300 acoustic so none of your suggestions are going to apply here.  So far I'm really disappointed with the line 6 support.  The website said a line 6 moderator would answer any questions, but so far no response.  I can't find any phone number on the website to call, else I would have called instead of posting.  I can't believe how hard they make it to buy something as simple as a pickup.  I guess we're being herded into using a line 6 repair shop.

Re: variax 300 acoustic steel pickup
by geeker on 2009-04-06 04:47:27.5030

scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll see the phone numbers.

Re: variax 300 acoustic steel pickup
by AParedes on 2009-04-06 16:10:30.5440


  The pickup on the acoustic 300 series does not have individual pickups, but is a "strip" underneath the bridge.  It sounds like the pickup may not be making a strong contact or is beginning to fail.  Please see the info for having your unit repaired:

Product Repair


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Re: variax 300 acoustic steel pickup
by lectricfrets on 2009-04-10 12:50:18.4860

I had the same problem.  You might be able to correct the symptom by loosening all the strings.  As you re-tighten them, they tend to rock the saddle toward the neck.  Use your finger tips to pull the saddle away from the neck as hard as you can while tightening the strings.  Tune it a little sharp as you hold the saddle, then let go and tune it to pitch.  This worked for my Acoustic 300.  Once I did this and had the balance good, I could touch up tuning without recreating the problem.  It only seemed to happen when I changed strings.  Others have said it worked for them, but not for everyone.  Eventually, I took it to a Line 6 repair center just before the warranty ran out and they replaced the peizo pickup.  It's been fine since then.  I believe the pickups are made by LR Baggs.  Good luck.

Re: variax 300 acoustic steel pickup
by newsflash66 on 2009-04-12 09:29:56.1160

Thanks so much - just holding the saddle in place while tuning was all it took.

Re: variax 300 acoustic steel pickup
by lectricfrets on 2009-04-15 18:52:29.1940

Glad to help !

Re: variax 300 acoustic steel pickup
by arenalife on 2009-07-14 01:53:59.1310

Thanks SO much for this tip, I just changed strings on my acoustic 300 and 3 strings didn't sound hardly at all!!  Held the saddle back to the rear while tuning up and it's perfect again.  THANK YOU.

Re: variax 300 acoustic steel pickup
by lectricfrets on 2009-07-15 18:54:13.7670


I notice you posted at 1:53 AM.  Hopefully that's because you were having so much fun playing your Variax that you just couldn't put it down.  I'm glad you got working right.  lectricfrets

Re: variax 300 acoustic steel pickup
by mrkeetz on 2013-01-23 18:21:59.7940

Thanks for figuring this out. I've had my Variax since new about 7 years and hardly played it because of this problem, even replaced the guitar once under warranty with Guitar Center. Strings would never quite sound in same volume. I was thinking it was my Crate acoustic amp. Almost gave up on the guitar, then replaced the strings to try one more time. Problem was worse, low volume on all 4 low strings. Only the top two strings would show up in the tuner. Did a search and came across this. The guitar sounds great now. Thank you so much. As for Variax, I'm really hesitant to buy another product because of this ridiculous issue.

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