Line 6 Rocks the Locals

On Friday, November 14, 2003, several Line 6 employees got their bands together and converged upon a local watering hole to shake Agoura Hills up a bit. Many genres were represented in this rock n' roll free-for-all, including punk, garage rock, rock en espanol, funk, and blues to name a few. Apparently every once in a while the Line 6 people get a chance to step out of the building to let off some steam. It's all very therapeutic, really.

The Honeypots hit the stage first with their unique brand of rock en espanol. This four piece, all-female band features Michelle Silberman (Artist Relations Rep) on drums, Mazey on rhythm guitar and vocals, Yvonne on bass, and Heidi on lead guitar. Shockingly, the guitar players use Line 6 gear, specifically HD147s. The Honeypots (Jarritos de Miel) have been playing an absolute ton of gigs including a TV spot on LATV's Live! To find out when the Honeypots are playing near you, or for more info, visit their website!

Next up was No Hit Wonder, a punk/rock band featuring three Line 6 people. Ben Clemons (Creative Marketing Developer) on guitar and vocals, Steve Walter (Customer Service) on bass and backing vocals, and Bernie Corrigan (Online Services Production Manager/Artist Relations) on guitar and backing vocals. Ben and Bernie both play HD147s with 412 Cabs (sharp intake of breath, heads shaking in disbelief) along with FBV Shortboards. No Hit Wonder made an appearance in the Girls Gone Wild-esque "Barfighter" (available at and are constantly playing gigs throughout the LA Area. For all things No Hit Wonder, visit:

Third up was Gravy, a strait-ahead rock n' roll band with a funk/blues edge, featuring Rocc Thomas (Line 6 Customer Service) on bass. Their style was unique and their energy was huge, despite the cold (it was a frosty 45 degrees outside). This five-piece band was described as "Big hook laden, roots rock vibin', Bass-line thumpin', funky-ass alternative rock," by Kerrang! Magazine. The band also features Mark Knight on guitar and vocals, Mark Tremaglia on guitar, John Biggs on drums, and Erik Szabo on keys. For all you want to know about Gravy and then some, visit:

Stay tuned for the next time Line 6 decides to tear up the town. You won't be disappointed. Well, not completely anyway.