Variax Acoustic 300 Nylon

Variax Acoustic 300 Nylon is no longer made.

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Variax Acoustic 300 Steel Features
  • Body Material: Mahogany w/ spruce top
  • Neck Material: Mahogany w/rosewood fingerboard
  • Neck Joint: Bolt-on, 12th fret
  • Finish: Gloss poly body, matte poly neck (stain)
  • Binding: Single ply top body edge
  • Rosette: Small marquetry ring
  • Inlays: none
  • Scale Length: 25.9"/660mm
  • Number of frets: 19
  • Nut Width: 2.050”/52mm
  • Neck Depth: .860”/22mm
  • Fingerboard Radius: 21”/530mm
  • Bridge Material: Rosewood
  • Bridge Type: Tie block
  • Hardware plating: Chrome
  • Tuners: Open gear classical
  • Strings: Medium tension
  • Accessories: TRS cable, XPS mini, PS-2
  • Outputs: Analog audio on a standard 1/4" jack
  • Onboard power: 6 X AA batteries
  • Volume Knob: A simple volume control and nothing more.
  • Verb Slider: Add some reverb to yout sound with the web slider. Give your music some space without sacrificing definition. Slide it towards the Volume and Body knobs to increase the overall amount of reverb.
  • Comp Slider: Change your compression settings on the fly. Push the Comp slider towards the Volume and Body knobs for more compression and away for less.
  • Prog Button: Once you've got your sound exactly how you want it, you can save it to any of 10 user locations to be instantly recalled later. Yes, it also saves your Verb, Comp, and Mic settings.
  • Body Knob: Finding your signature sound is easy. Simply twist the body knob to morph from a bright, punchy flamenco to a warm, full-bodied classical guitar and anywhere in between.
  • Mic Slider: This slider allows you to place a virtual microphone anywhere in front of the guitar. When you push the slider towards the tuner, the virtual mic is placed in front of the soundhole, giving you a richer bottom end. If you push the slider towards the Volume and Body knobs, the virtual mic is moved up the neck, putting more emphasis on the higher frequencies.
  • Tuner: A built-in chromatic tuner ensures that you always sound your best. Simply pluck the string that you want to tune, turn the tuning pegg until you see 2 green arrows, and you're there. Tuning mode also puts the guitar in bypass so you can tune silently.