Tous les amplificateurs de légende sont basés sur l'une des quatre configurations (Voicings) existantes. Le DT50 vous les offre toutes, avec chacune une chaleur sonore sublime, une sensation de jeu de toute beauté, et une précision inégalée.


The Line 6 DT50 112 is a smart new amp that successfully merges valve power and modeling technology…..and would excel in almost any performance situation. Read review here
Adam Perlmutter - Premier Guitar

"Let’s just start out by saying the Line 6 DT50 head is loaded with features and options for shaping your tone, but the interface for changing these settings is completely straightforward. " Read review here
Scott Kahn - Music Players

"No single amp is the right amp for every situation, but the DT50 certainly covers more situations than any other amp - not just adequately, but for real." Read review here
Adam Kagan - Tape On Magazine

"Available as a 1x12 combo, 2x12 combo, or head, the DT50 is built like a tank…" Read review here
James Nash - Guitar Player Magazine

"The DT50 is a highly successful synthesis of digital and valve technology". "an awful lot cheaper than many boutique amps, and boasts a similarly professional palette of tones". "5 stars".
Louis Thorne - Guitar Buyer