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  • Created with: HX Stomp
  • Author:
  • Band:
    Guns N Roses, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Sabbath, Thin Lizzy,
  • Guitarist:
    Page, Slash, Young, Hendrix, Townsend, Moore, Green, Kravitz, Bonamassa, You, AMIRIGHT?!!
  • Amp:
  • Guitar:
    A Gibson (LP, SG, Explorer, Firebird Junior, etc) are the obvious one, but heck, is it an electric guitar? Well, get to it.
  • Style:
    Rock (Classic, Hard, Progressive)
  • Date: 3/31/24
  • Downloads: 265
  • Addons:

    Model Packs increase the number of Amp or FX Models of a GuitarPort, TonePort, PODxt, PODxt Live or PODxt Pro, for a wider variety of tone possibilities. When a particular tone in the library relies on a Model available in one of these packs, you'll see symbol(s) to indicate which Packs: MS (Metal Shop), CC (Classics Collection), FX (FX Junkie), and PP (Power Pack).

    The models within the FX Junkie Model Pack are already included in PODxt Live, and offered for purchase to add-on to GuitarPort, TonePort, PODxt and PODxt Pro.

    Variax is the uniquely flexibile guitar from Line 6. Our Vetta II amplifier includes a digital connection for the Variax that lets you store settings for both your amp and your guitar in the Vetta II so that when you call up a Vetta Channel Memory your amp and guitar can change sounds together. Vetta II Tones marked with this guitar symbol include this Variax data.

    For each tone in the library, you'll see an icon for either a single coil or humbucker pickup. This tells you whether the tone is best for use with a single coil pickup or a humbucker, so you can select the appropriate pickup on your guitar when using this tone.

    Attention POD 2.0, Flextone and HD147 owners... Your hardware doesn't do Stomp effects, so you'll hear something different than what was intended. Try increasing the Drive or choose a higher gain Amp Model to get the right sound. The other aspects of the sound should translate as expected, so you'll at least get a great starting place for tweaking.

  • Comments:
    Oooh, you're going to love this one! Think all those sweet, sweet blues->classic rock tones of the 60s, 70s and 80s. There's so much here to play with and if you've ever wanted a preset that covers the gain range of a Plexi to a cranked JCM 900 to an awesome, raging octave fuzz? Then, God save us all, this preset is for YOU. This preset is gorgeously pick attack sensitive too so think of your picking hand as its own gain knob. Right then, first things first, this is a footswitch type preset, so no Snapshots are installed, but it's designed to be easy to add those if that's how you roll. The amp at the heart of this preset is the BRIT P70 BRT and there are 3 gain pedals, each sounding great on its own but arranged to be stacked so you can just keep adding until your brain starts dribbling out of your ears. First in the chain is a Retro Reel. Why? So you sound as fantastic - in a warm, sexy analogue way - as those guitar heroes of the past did (but without the drugs, booze and groupies, I'm afraid. Those wizard-like guys at Line6 can only do so much after all. Next update maybe?). Next is a SCREAM 808 (FW#1) followed by a DHYANA DRIVE (FW#2). These two alone should give you all the gain you need but feel free to crank up the gain knobs even more to each should you fancy. The final gain pedal is the TYCOCTVIA FUZZ to add some extra special sauce to those lead notes, especially between the 9th->15th fret. To round out this preset the last two pedals in the chain are the KINKY COMP to smooth and add sustain to your playing. Finally I've added a SIMPLE DELAY. It'll make you sound better plus no self respecting Rock God would be seen dead without a smidge of analogue delay to bring their tones to life. If a more "EVENING WEMBLEY!!!" epic, lead type of delay is what you're after then just roll the time parameter to a teeny bit above 500ms and then crank the feedback up to 45%. And SHAZAAM! Instant Searing Lead Rawk God. This preset will work on the HELIX FLOOR, LT and HX ST

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