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TONE NAME: FB Sim Simple

  • Created with: HX Stomp
  • Author:
  • Date: 12/1/20
  • Downloads: 850
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    Variax is the uniquely flexibile guitar from Line 6. Our Vetta II amplifier includes a digital connection for the Variax that lets you store settings for both your amp and your guitar in the Vetta II so that when you call up a Vetta Channel Memory your amp and guitar can change sounds together. Vetta II Tones marked with this guitar symbol include this Variax data.

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    Attention POD 2.0, Flextone and HD147 owners... Your hardware doesn't do Stomp effects, so you'll hear something different than what was intended. Try increasing the Drive or choose a higher gain Amp Model to get the right sound. The other aspects of the sound should translate as expected, so you'll at least get a great starting place for tweaking.

  • Comments:
    ### FEEDBACK SIMULATION - HX Stomp compatible ### Simulates feedback at any volume - similar to the Digitech FreqOut pedal. IMPORTANT! = Requires an expression pedal (EXP 1). # SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS: Use the expression pedal (EXP 1) to fade in the "feedback" sound. It is recommended to fade in slowly as a note/chord rings to simulate how real feedback would occur. Remember to fade the feedback out (pull back on the expression pedal) before playing again, otherwise you'll hear the new notes transposed. Toggle the Simple Pitch effects blocks to set the pitch of the feedback. Enable the Mod/Chorus Echo and Plate Reverb at the end of the chain for more sustain and melting of face. The main elements of this preset are the simple pitch blocks at the beginning of the chain. These determine the pitch of the "feedback". By default there are 2 - one for +7 (5th note up) and another for +12 (octave) semitones. You can also enable both at the same time. An Adriatic Delay between the amp and the cab helps to make the "feedback" sound more natural, and pleasant. The Mod/Chorus Echo and Plate reverb at the end help sustain and glue the "feedback" to the overall soundscape. # ADDITIONAL TIPS: - For fancier feedback, try first slowly fading in the +7 pitch, then fade that out, switch to +12, and fade that in slowly. Next, fade that out, enable both +7 and +12, and fade these in slowly. Keep going as long as you like, and as long as you can sustain the sound. - Increase the modulation and/or mix on the Adriatic Delay and on the Mod/Chorus Echo for a more ambient sound that still retains the characteristics of feedback. - An Ebow or a sustainer pickup (set to sustain the actual note) will give you endless sustain whose pitch you can alter with this preset. - You can add as many Simple Pitch effects to the beginning of the chain as you want (and how many blocks & how much DSP you have available). Assign them to foot switches, so you have quick access to more pitch options for the "feedback". - To streamline the preset - especially for HX Stomp - you can remove one of the Simple pitch blocks and set a foot switch to change the pitch of just one Simple Pitch effect. For example, to switch between the +7 and +12 pitches. This will remove the ability to combine 2 pitches, but it will save you a block for something else.

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