• Relay G30, Audiofanzine "La latence nous a paru imperceptible dans le jeu et le son s’est révélé assez transparent. La portée s’est révélée très bonne et le fait de pouvoir choisir entre six canaux est un plus non...

  • Relay G30, Guitare Part N#191 "Idéal pour une guitare, mais aussi une basse, y compris à 6 cordes"
    Dr. Boost, Guitare Part N#191

  • Spider IV 75, Playmusic Pickup, January 2010 “the large range of models includes something for everyone from buskers to metal monsters but this compact and great-sounding 75 watt combo represents a great way to enjoy the benefits of this...

  • Spider IV 75, MusicTech, January 2010 “For performing or session studio musicians, the flexibility and sheer convenience of the Spider IV make it a very appealing choice.”
    Mike Hillier, MusicTech

  • M9, Guitar Edge, December 2009 "The Line 6 M9 is a tone tweaker’s delight—a well-built, affordable product that is just begging to be used live."
    Jason Allwood, Guitar Edge

  • Spider IV 75, Guitar Player Magazine, December 2009 For Modeling fans, the Spider IV 75 provides a wealth of dynamic, realistic tones and effects in a compact, easy-to-use, and affordable package.
    Michael Ross, Guitar Player Magazine

  • Relay G30, Guitar & Bass, December 2009 "The G30's sound is very clean with no noise or interference and we detected no treble loss."
    Guitar & Bass

  • M13 Stompbox Modeler, Premier Guitar, November 2009 "I can also trigger any of the Line 6 M13's expansive modeling effects by assigning a midi channel in the Ground Control. All of the M13’s effects can be had while only using one loop in the...

  • Spider IV 75, GuitarEdge.com, November 2009 "...the song presets alone are a ton of fun and would probably be enough for many players without any ability to program. For the pro player, the Spider IV 75 is a darn good little unit with a zillion...

  • HD147, GuitarPlayer.com, October 2009 Being that this is a metal amp roundup, however, I put my metal face on by calling up the Treadplate model, which is based on a Boogie Dual Rectifier. This is a great tribute to that great amp, and...

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