• Relay G30, thetoneking.com, April 2010 "...there is something new on the horizon from Line 6. And it may be the holy grail of wireless systems."
    thetoneking.com, Read full review

  • Relay G30, jemsite.com, April 2010 "Line6 takes guitar wireless to a whole new level with their new digital wireless systems. The entry-level model, the Relay G-30 is anything BUT entry-level in sound OR...

  • Relay G30, guitarscanada.com, April 2010 "Overall, I would give the Line 6 G30 a thumbs up for the performance in a easy to use, affordable wireless guitar system."
    guitarscanada.com, Read full review

  • M9, Guitar Buyer, February 2010 "the M9 seems like the ideal candidate to sit along side a few well-chosen boutique effects.", "It's a brilliant compromise in terms of sounds, size and usability."

    Daniel Hodgson, Guitar...

  • Relay G30, Playmusic Pickup, February 2010 "As wireless systems units go the Line 6 G30 definately feels like a major step (or several steps if you go wireless!) forward."
    Tim Slater, Playmusic Pickup

  • M9, Total Guitar, January 2010 “A must have for itinerant sonic explorers”
    Total Guitar

  • Spider IV 15, Guitarist, January 2010 “this 15-watt version of the Spider IV is as impressive as its 75-watt sibling, albeit for different reasons. No home should be without one.”
    Simon Bradley, Guitarist

  • Relay G30, Performing Musician, January 2010 “it is so refreshing not hearing the gating effect of a compander when playing at very low levels. Even at the extremes of its range I experienced no audible interference”
    Paul White,...

  • Relay G30, Audiofanzine "La latence nous a paru imperceptible dans le jeu et le son s’est révélé assez transparent. La portée s’est révélée très bonne et le fait de pouvoir choisir entre six canaux est un plus non...

  • M9, Guitarist, January 2010 “it offers what a lot of real-world players want from a collection of stompers , but without the endless cost, hassle or the four-foot pedalboard.” “the M9 is a solid, impressive unit. Best of all, it...

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