• Line 6 StageSource : Amplification modulable "D’un point de vue plus personnel, j’adore cette enceinte L2t... "Lisez l'article

  • Line 6 Stagescape M20d La Console plug-and-play pour tous

    Lisez la revue Sonomag de la Stagescape M20d

  • Line 6 Stagescape M20d - Realisason « il faudrait vraiment être irrémédiablement traditionnaliste pour ne pas avoir envie de tester cette étonnante merveille dans le milieu hostile de la petite sonorisation où le StageScape risque de s’imposer comme le produit qui a tout changé ! »

  • Line 6 Stagesource L3t - Sono Mag

    “Cette enceinte est un produit plutôt abouti, complet, robuste et autonome."

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  • DT50 112, Premier Guitar, January 2011 The Line 6 DT50 112 is a smart new amp that successfully merges valve power and modeling technology…..and would excel in almost any performance situation. Read review here
    Adam Perlmutter - Premier Guitar

  • JM4 Looper, splatreviews.com, January 2011 ….the JM4 is a top notch looper with more features than you can imagine.

  • XD-V70, Reviewstream.com, January 2011 On top of the great sound, the system features 12 different channels, and a nice feature to help you find a clear channel to use.

  • POD HD500, Sound On Sound, January 2011 "As an all-in-one device for the guitar player wanting something that can be used at gigs as well as in the studio...the POD HD500 (or one of its scaled down siblings) is hard to beat…."
    Paul White - Sound On Sound

  • POD HD500, Playmusic Pickup, January 2011 "We can state beyond any doubt that the HD500 leaves nothing to chance when it comes to helping you sound exactly as you want to sound, with virtually no limits. This, and the very agreable price,...

  • POD HD500, Guitarist, December 2010 "Overall the PODHD500 and its siblings are very good news for all of us - oodles of practicality and great sound for a reasonable price - no complaints here at all." "Detailed and palyable HD amp...

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